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    Prayers About College Finances

    Student bill got you stressed? Stop worrying and pray.

    I worry too much sometimes.
    Now I have this whole new worry.
    How is my family going to pay
    for my first year of college?
    You've taken care of us
    in the past, so why wouldn't you
    take care of us this time?
    You will, won't you?
    Help me believe
    you'll provide what we need.

    Dear God,
    I need to confess something.
    I've had this thought in my
    head for a long time.
    It goes something like this:
    My parents owe me a college education.
    Now, I don't say it exactly like that.
    Still, I know it comes through in my
    "take them for granted" attitude.
    Please take my bad attitude away,
    and replace it with gratitude.
    Help me understand that
    whatever Mom and Dad
    give toward my education
    is simply that:
    a gift.

    Dear Lord,
    I know I'm not careful
    with my money.
    Before I know it, I'm spending
    all my hard-earned cash
    on pizza, music, movies and clothes!
    As my parents say,
    saving just isn't in my vocabulary.
    Lord, break my bad spending habits,
    and give me the wisdom it takes to
    stop and think before I buy.

    Dear Giver of All Good Things,
    Thank you for taking care of my needs.
    Thank you for the good food I have,
    for a nice home I live in,
    and for clothes I like to wear.
    Thank you, in advance, for
    the way you will provide
    for my college education.

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