Why Christian College?

    Graduates of Christian colleges and universities are influencing our country and our world in ways both profound and immeasurable.
    Research suggests that college choice has an impact on religious commitment.
    How a group of Christian teachers is impacting students beyond the walls of the classroom.
    A group of Christian professionals reflects on the power of professors reaching out.
    Enrollment at Christian colleges is soaring. Here's why.
    In an economic crunch, many families still choose a Christian college education. Here's why.
    A 'Christian worldview' isn't something that's memorized in the classroom. Rather, it is developed through the cumulative activities of a Christian college education.
    In financially uncertain times, is it worth the cost of attending a Christian university all four years?
    Giving my life to Christ changed everything, including what I was looking for in a college.
    Service is an important part of the Christian college experience.
    I was convinced I wanted to attend a state school. But after a visit to a Christian college, I wasn't sure anymore.
    If you think a Christian college will isolate you from the real world, think again. Just ask these profs.
    A prospective student breaks down her reasons for choosing Christian higher education.
    Choosing a Christian college doesn't mean settling for a second-rate experience.
    These students were sure a Christian college wasn't right for them. So what changed their minds?
    College will give you plenty of opportunities to roll up your sleeves and make a difference.
    For students on the fast track to full-time ministry, Bible college could be just the ticket.