Why Christian College?

    Graduates of Christian colleges and universities are influencing our country and our world in ways both profound and immeasurable.
    A Christian college education comes with a price. But research suggests that the value of a Christian education can't be measured in dollars alone.
    How a group of Christian teachers is impacting students beyond the walls of the classroom.
    A group of Christian professionals reflects on the power of professors reaching out.
    Enrollment at Christian colleges is soaring. Here's why.
    In an economic crunch, many families still choose a Christian college education. Here's why.
    A 'Christian worldview' isn't something that's memorized in the classroom. Rather, it is developed through the cumulative activities of a Christian college education.
    In financially uncertain times, is it worth the cost of attending a Christian university all four years?
    Giving my life to Christ changed everything, including what I was looking for in a college.
    Service is an important part of the Christian college experience.
    I was convinced I wanted to attend a state school. But after a visit to a Christian college, I wasn't sure anymore.
    If you think a Christian college will isolate you from the real world, think again. Just ask these profs.
    Why I Want to Go to a Christian College
    Choosing a Christian college doesn't mean settling for a second-rate experience.
    These students were sure a Christian college wasn't right for them. So what changed their minds?
    College will give you plenty of opportunities to roll up your sleeves and make a difference.