God & Money

    Acting in faith doesn't mean that all the details are worked out.
    I was tired of being a tightwad, but was my new way much better?
    Will God really provide the money you need?
    What if we always got everything we asked for?
    Your heavenly Father knows your needs, and you can trust that he will meet them.
    Wise words on money matters to help keep cash in perspective.
    My jaw dropped as my advisor told me how much money I needed for my first year of college.
    How am I going to make all these payments?
    A Christian's view of stewardship should include more than money.
    Reminders that God cares about your college needs
    What will you do with the money God loans you?
    Student bill got you stressed? Stop worrying and pray.
    If God really does own everything, he owns the money you need for college.
    My worries over money left me tired and stressed.
    Don't let worries and fears about paying for college bring you down.
    Many of the schools I liked were way too expensive, but I kept hoping and praying.
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