Discovering God's Will

    Why was it so hard to make this choice?
    The one school I really wanted to go to rejected me. What now?
    I learned that God's will wasn't simply about picking the right school.
    It's not just about where you go. It's also about who you become.
    It didn't make sense to turn down a full-ride scholarship and a chance at fame.
    Everyone was so sure about their plans … except me.
    I worried. I waited. I got rejected.
    I felt like I was on an impossible quest.
    Will I really need classes that have nothing to do with my major?
    My friend was certain she'd found the perfect school for me. I was certain she hadn't.
    A student's journal shows how she navigated the application process.
    ...and other college search commandments.
    As you plan for the future, don't miss out on God's plan for the present.
    I had all these fears about the college visit.
    Every person is different.
    How close is too close to home to go to college? How far is too far?
    Judy Moseman answers your question about college.