Discovering God's Will

    A Dean of Students answers your questions about college
    What you need to ask yourself before you begin your college search.
    My prayers about the college search became frantic, anxious appeals to God.
    As my friends questioned my decision, I developed my own doubts about my college choice.
    Biblical wisdom for choosing a college.
    A Dean of Students answers your questions
    I didn't know what to do after my first-choice college turned me down, but God had a pretty good idea.
    Not sure about your next step? Perhaps this is right where God wants you.
    Prayers to guide you through your college search.
    Where you go to college shapes more than just the next four years of your life.
    As you look for direction in your college search, check out these powerful examples of prayers.
    Abbie Brown was one of the top college athletes in the country her freshman year. So why weren't big scholarships and prestige enough?
    I thought liberal arts classes would be boring—until I started finding God in every one of them.
    Even after I'd put down my No. 2 pencil, I still couldn't escape the ACT.