College Search Basics

    Want to have a great campus visit? These students dish the inside scoop.
    Look for a college that will prepare you for life.
    What classes did I enjoy most? What was I good at? What values were important to me? These questions helped guide me in my college search.
    Your guide to a complete and successful college visit.
    Digging deeper can help you find the right college.
    Will you prepare for college now, or later?
    Unsure about how to navigate the college search process? Here are some insights of those who've lived through it.
    How to get past your disappointment and find the right place for you.
    Planning and organization are essential for your college search.
    Avoid frustration with these simple tips.
    How do you find the school that's right for you? Three students tell their stories.
    What you need to do to get your search moving in the right direction.
    How to make sense of the advice you receive.
    You won't find many college search role models in the animal kingdom.
    When it comes to finding the right college, we plan, search and stay open to God's direction.
    A Christian college fair can be a great and personal way to find the school that's the best choice for you.
    How to go from several good choices to the one that's right for you.