College Life

    There can be great joy in being a freshman.
    Follow four college freshmen through a typical day on campus.
    Some of your favorite musicians talk about their college days.
    Get ready for memories that will last a lifetime.
    Campus activities are a great way to explore your gifts, talents and passions.
    College provides you with some life-stretching opportunities.
    How to prepare for life on your own.
    Whether it's basketball, bowling or water balloons, intramurals are a great way to get involved on campus.
    You can get off to a great start in your first few days on campus. Here's how!
    Encouragement for students' social, academic, and spiritual lives.
    Student leaders talk about how their activities are stretching and shaping their lives.
    What to do before your room's declared a biohazard.
    Your own lasting college memories are right around the corner.