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    Will God Direct Me?

    A Dean of Students answers your questions about college

    Judy Moseman

    My youth pastor says that if I'm sensitive to God's Spirit, I'll know which school I'm supposed to go to. Well, I read my Bible, pray a lot, and feel like I'm pretty close to God. But God seems pretty silent about the whole school thing. Does my youth pastor know what he's talking about? Will God somehow point me in the right direction?

    Your youth pastor must be a pretty cool guy! It sounds like he knows what it's like to trust God for important decisions. And you are doing a lot of the right things. Walking close to the Lord during this time of choosing is essential. In addition, I would encourage you to take some steps to find out more about schools that interest you. Be sure to visit your top two or three choices. And visit some of those on your "B" list if you can. There's no substitute for a visit. You will gather more information than printed materials can convey and you will get a feel for how it would be to go to school there. Make a list of pros and cons you see for each college. Trust God to make your decision clear as you are faithful in doing whatever you can to gather information. I believe God will work in all the circumstances to move you toward one school over the others.

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