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    Why Christian College?

    A Dean of Students answers your questions about college

    Judy Moseman

    Q: My parents and youth pastor are all Christian college graduates, and they really want me to look at some Christian colleges. When I ask them why, they tell me how great it was to be in a place where they could grow in their faith. But the thing is, I feel like I already have strong faith. And if I didn't, isn't it true that you can grow in your faith anywhere? So why is a Christian college so important?

    A: You're right—Your faith will grow as you make choices that help you draw close to God, and that can happen on any college campus.

    So why do people like your parents and youth pastor (and me!) think a Christian college education is important? A Christian college campus offers a lot of support and resources to you as you build your faith. As you seek to grow in God, you'll be surrounded by peers, professors and staff members who are part of the body of Christ and who can be role models and encouragers. In your classes and extracurricular activities, you'll be learning how to view yourself and the world through the lens of a Christ-follower. You'll form friendships with other students who share your faith. These friendships can help you grow in your faith as you walk together through life, encouraging each other and holding each other accountable. Being part of a Christian community on a campus can nurture you and build you up, preparing you for a life of service and ministry after college no matter what profession you are called into.

    For those reasons, I encourage you to think about visiting some Christian colleges. But no matter where you go to college, your heart for God and your faithfulness in following him will determine the strength of your faith.

    Judy Moseman is vice president for student life at Bethel College, Minnesota.

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