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    4 Ways to Save Money On Textbooks

    How to get your college reading materials for less.

    One major difference between high school and college: in college, you'll have to buy all your own textbooks. And those hefty volumes do not come cheap. The average college student spends $1,200 per year on textbooks.* Here are four ways to get your reading materials for less:

    1. Rent Your Books

    Textbook rentals are offered by companies like Chegg (they even plant a tree when you rent a book), Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Renting a book can be up to 61 percent cheaper than buying.

    2. Visit the Library

    Your college library, or even the nearest public library, may have copies of the books you need. Depending on their lending policies, you may be able to renew a book enough times to carry you through an entire semester.

    3. Opt for eBooks

    Many titles are now available as eBooks, which can be up to 52 percent cheaper than print versions. You can buy or rent eBooks from companies such as Amazon. And some libraries offer free eBook rentals as well.

    4. Buy Online

    Avoid the campus bookstore markup by purchasing your books online from websites like,, or New books can be 20 to 40 percent cheaper online, while used books can be marked down 50 percent or more.

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