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    Should I Work?

    We asked students at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado, for their advice about working during college.

    Compiled by Coe Roberts

    Pay for Extras

    Working at schoolWorking has allowed me to pursue opportunities during the summer, like traveling to Uganda. There's no way that could have happened without money from my job.

    Of course, you need to learn how much you can handle on top of classes and extracurriculars. Then you can decide. The best advice I received was to work on campus.

    Some positions, such as resident assistants, allow you to serve the people you live with and pay you in free housing and meal plans.

    Ashlee Morris

    Don't Miss Out

    I worked 30 hours a week during my first year of college. It was a little stressful, but I was happy to have the extra money, meet new people, and learn how to manage my time better. In fact, I decided not to work last year and really ended up regretting it. It is hard not being able to go out and enjoy Colorado with your friends and roommates because of lack of money.

    Veronica Pruitt

    Consider Waiting

    If at all possible, I recommend to definitely hold off from working at least through your freshman year. That way you can use all of your time meeting new people and creating great friendships.

    Josh Cole

    Cover the Basics

    In my opinion, it's a really good idea to work about 10 to 15 hours a week to cover one or two of your regular bills (like gas and your phone bill), but nothing more. It's great to take on some financial responsibility, but it can also be really stressful. College is enough of a job and school should always come first.

    Sasha Alaouie

    Take Time to Adjust

    I would recommend not working for at least your first semester so you can get used to the school, meet friends, and have time to adjust. After that, working can help you meet people outside of school and teach you time management skills. So, if you have the time, work during the school year—after your first semester.

    Troy Keith

    Enjoy This Time

    Work as little as possible. College is a unique time. I believe you need to take full advantage of your college experience. It is an important time of personal development. However, you should not forget to get an internship at some point because it will really improve your resumé.

    Shaun Porter

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