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    Prayers About the College Choice

    Dear Lord,
    I worry so much about my future!
    Help me to see that your plans
    are never bad or second best,
    but are always good
    and will help me
    live fully for you.
    -based on Jeremiah 29:11

    As I sit down
    to write my application essay,
    give me clarity and creativity.
    Above all, may my words
    be true and honest,
    and represent you well.

    Dear God,
    I want my college search
    to bring you glory,
    and demonstrate
    my trust and commitment
    to you and you alone.

    Lord of All Wisdom,
    Help me accept your advice and guidance,
    and help me to live by your truths.
    I promise, I will try my best
    to listen to your wisdom.
    And with all my heart,
    I will strive to understand your ways.
    I will search for your insight
    as if it were a million dollars
    buried in my backyard.
    Help me to respect you and put you first.
    When I do, I know I will have enough God-given
    common sense to make the right choices.
    —based on Proverbs 2:1-6

    Sometimes I can be as lazy as a slug!
    Help me to be like an ant—
    always busy doing its work!
    Please help me to get busy—
    to e-mail some schools,
    fill out some applications,
    plan some visits.
    If I don't get going,
    I'll get nowhere,
    and get there real fast!
    So help learn from the ant—
    and get moving!
    —based on Proverbs 6:6-11

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