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    Haven't Got a Prayer?

    If you're feeling overwhelmed about college, then check out these classic prayers for taking your worries to God.

    Handling Stress

    Almighty God, release me from the anxieties of this world. Help me to turn my cares over to you. You've said in your Word that we should not be anxious about anything, but in everything, through prayer and supplication, make our requests known to you. Thank you for the provision of a means of escape from the tensions that are overwhelming me. Help me to sense your presence and refreshing love. Amen

    —Stephen L. Shanklin contemporary prayer leader for Promise Keepers movement

    Dorm Relationships

    Lord, thou has taught us
    that all who come our way
    are our neighbors.
    But hear our prayer for those
    with whom we come in daily contact
    because they live close to us.
    Help us to be good neighbors to them.
    Give us grace to ignore petty annoyances
    and to build on all that is positive
    in our relationship,
    that we may love them
    as we love ourselves,
    with genuine forbearance and kindness.

    —B. F. Westcott Anglican Bishop and New Testament scholar 1825-1901

    Guide Me Today

    My God,
    I give you this day.
    I offer you, now,
    all the good that I shall do
    and I promise to accept,
    for love of you,
    all of the difficulty
    that I shall meet.
    Help me to conduct myself
    during this day
    in a way that pleases you.

    —Francis de Sales church leader and theologian 1567-1622

    Help with My Studies

    O Lord, who is the fountain
    of all wisdom and learning,
    you have given me the years
    of my youth to learn
    the arts and skills necessary
    for an honest and holy life.
    Enlighten my mind,
    that I may acquire knowledge.
    Strengthen my memory
    that I may retain what
    I have learnt.
    Govern my heart,
    that I may always
    be eager and diligent in my studies.
    And let your Spirit of truth,
    judgment and prudence
    guide my understanding,
    that I may perceive how everything
    I learn fits into your holy plan
    for the world.

    —John Calvin French theologian 1509-1564

    When I'm Feeling Lonely

    O Lord Jesus,
    Please abide with me.
    Dispel my deep loneliness!
    No one can be my companion forever,
    but you are the Lord who is everywhere,
    present at all times.
    Only you are my dear
    companion and Savior.
    In the long dark night,
    along the silent shadowy pathways,
    I beg you to grasp my hand.
    When others have forgotten me,
    please remember me…

    —Andrew Song contemporary writer of prayers in The Complete Book of Christian Prayer

    A Desire for True Knowledge

    Good Lord,
    you have refreshed our souls
    with the streams of knowledge;
    lead us at last to yourself,
    the source and spring of knowledge.

    —Alcuin of York early Christian scholar 735-804

    Resources for these prayers included The Complete Book of Christian Prayer (Continuum), The Book of Prayers (St. Martin's Press), The Doubleday Prayer Collection (Doubleday), The HarperCollins Book of Prayers (HarperCollins), and 2000 Years of Classic Christian Prayers (Orbis).

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