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    6 Keys to a Successful Campus Visit

    Does it feel like home?

    1. Know what you want.

    Are you comfortable with large or small classes? Are you okay with communal bathrooms in your dorm? Make a list of your "must haves," and then when you visit the campus, note what they have and don't have on your list.

    2. Questions, questions, questions.

    put some alt copy hereAdmissions people, students, and tour guides are there to answer your questions. Be sure to ask questions like: "Where do students attend church?" "Is there campus security?" "Do you offer free tutoring?" "Do most students have jobs?" Remember, there are no silly questions.

    3. Eat some food.

    Three meals a day, seven days a week is a lot of food. So you'd better like what you're eating! Visiting students are usually given a free lunch or dinner pass. Use it. If the mashed potatoes pass inspection, you should be fine!

    4. Stay in a dorm.

    You'll spend much of your time in the dorm studying, hanging out with friends, and sleeping. Naturally, you'll want to see what it's like. Is it rowdy at night? Are there places to study if your roommate wants to watch TV? A lot of your questions will be answered if you just spend a night there—and preferably on a weeknight, since weekends aren't typical. In addition to checking out the accommodations, you'll also get to see how students treat one another.

    5. Talk to a professor.

    Especially if you know your major, but even if you don't, it's valuable to sit down with a professor who teaches a required freshman course. Set up an appointment. Ask about the academic expectations at the school and what the professor expects from a freshman. Find out if he or she has office hours and how easy it is to reach him or her.

    6. Take a tour.

    You'll never know what your potential new home looks like unless you take a walk through it. A tour will give you a feel for the campus atmosphere. And usually you'll get a gut feeling about whether or not this college is the right place for you. If you feel comfortable during your visit, then chances are you'll enjoy calling it home.

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