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    Quiz: Are You Ready For College?

    Believe it or not, your higher education is just around the corner. Classes don't start for at least another year, of course, but if you want to go to college, you'll need to plan and act now. Take this quiz to find out how you're doing.

    1. Your classmate Agnes is going to a college fair this weekend, and invites you along. You say:

    (a) Unless there's cotton candy, I'm out.

    (b) I have to work on Saturday, but maybe someone can cover for me. Can I let you know tomorrow?

    (c) I've attended 92 college fairs this year—let's make it 93!

    2. Your mom asks if you've visited the Web sites of colleges you're interested in. Your response:

    (a) I've ranked 137 schools and have each site alphabetized by URL.

    (b) You pop the popcorn, I'll start tonight.

    (c) Webs are for spiders.

    3. At school, your guidance counselor encourages you to see how your parents are feeling about the college choice. You:

    (a) ask her to return to planet Earth. Like you're going to let Mom and Dad in on your decision.

    (b) thank her for the reminder. Your parents had been asking for a pow-wow the last couple of weeks.

    (c) remind her that every Thursday with the fam is "College Monopoly" night—each property is a different Christian school!

    4. Your friend Brian finally reveals his SAT score: 1510. You:

    (a) laugh hysterically and run for cover. 1510? You only got a 1430. Time to retake the test.

    (b) insist he stop using acronyms. It's all you hear these days—SAT, ACT, AP—and who can keep up?

    (c) congratulate him and try to stay happy with your own score. You know one test only means so much.

    5. Your "Christian Colleges" file folder contains:

    (a) applications, view books and catalogs from the handful of schools you're deciding between.

    (b) Wait—what file folder?

    (c) the usual stuff, plus transcripts of interviews you've conducted with students and confidential reports from the private eye you hired to scope out dorms and dining halls.

    6. Preview weekends are fast approaching at your top schools. You:

    (a) relax. And why not—you sent in the registration forms weeks ago.

    (b) call and e-mail each college's admissions office every day to assure your lodging, meals, appointments and classes are confirmed.

    (c) wonder what the hype is about. How much can you see in a weekend, anyway?

    7. Dad drops by your room to check if you've followed up any of those scholarships your guidance counselor mentioned. You say:

    (a) With your six-figure salary, I'm sure college costs will be a breeze.

    (b) I've applied for three and asked for info on five more.

    (c) Tuition is covered for the next nine years.

    8. Most applications, you notice, ask about extracurricular activities. You:

    (a) add "Falconry Club" to the 26-page compendium you've kept on the computer.

    (b) scratch your head and start listing: sleeping, eating, sleeping, watching TV, playing video games, sleeping …

    (c) get your parents, siblings and friends to help you remember what you've done since fresh man year.

    9. When your boyfriend announces he's going to a school you'd never given a second thought to, you:

    (a) scream, "Bad plan! Bad plan!" and send all his application materials through a paper shredder.

    (b) break up with him immediately. His future alma mater and your top choice are bitter rivals in athletics.

    (c) tell him it's time to re-evaluate the relationship. You're not so sure you're willing to maintain long-distance love.

    10. One essay question you've seen asks about your post-college goals. You grab a scratch sheet of paper and write:

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