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    Are You Burnout Bound?

    It's one thing to be busy. It's another to be all stressed out.

    Karen Langley

    stressed out and busy in collegeWith all the clubs, teams, committees, and social activities you're involved in—oh yeah, and studying—your schedule is packed to the max. In fact, we're impressed you have the time to read this! But your new college life will require you to manage your time in different ways. So before you stash the mag and zoom off, take this quiz to find out if your current habits will work for you in college—or if you'll need to make some changes to beat burnout.

    1. When you snuggle between the covers you:
    a. Fall into a deep sleep and wake up feeling rested and ready for the day.
    b. Lie awake a few minutes while your brain processes the events of the day and formulates tomorrow's to-do list.
    c. Feel exhausted because it's after midnight and you know that in a few short hours you'll have to drag your tired body out of bed.

    2. You're up late (again!) studying for a major chemistry test tomorrow when your brother sticks his head in to tell you he's making a late-night Taco Bell run. You:
    a. Give him a couple dollars to buy you a gordita, then return to your notes.
    b. Fling aside your notebook and grab your jacket. One more look at that periodic table and your brain will explode!
    c. Snap at your brother to leave you alone when you're concentrating.

    3. Your last paper wowed your English teacher, and he pulls you aside after class to suggest you write for the school newspaper. You:
    a. Tell him you'll consider it next semester when your schedule isn't so packed.
    b. Decide you could use your lunch break to write articles.
    c. Suddenly remember that you'd promised the paper's editor a guest column—and that the deadline was yesterday.

    4. Your devotional time with God is like:
    a. Breathing—you don't know how you'd survive without it!
    b. Flossing—you do it, but not quite as often as you'd like.
    c. Sleeping—you haven't done much of that for a while.

    5. Over the summer, you went jogging three mornings a week. Since school started:
    a. You've recruited a running buddy and kept up the habit.
    b. The routine has tapered off, but you still try to go at least once a week.
    c. The only jogging you do is from the parking lot to your first class every morning when you've overslept again.

    6. Do you often forget things or feel distracted?
    a. Not usually, because you write everything down in your planner.
    b. Yeah, but isn't that normal?
    c. Umm . . . what was the question?

    7. Your best friend from youth group has moved to another state, but he e-mails you at least once a week to stay in touch. You reply:
    a. Every time, even if it's just a short note to say hello.
    b. When your friend's subject lines start saying things like, "Remember me?" and "Are you still alive?"
    c. Reply? you don't even have time to read your e-mail, let alone answer it!

    8. Weekends for you are:
    a. A good mix of relaxing and having fun with friends.
    b. Action-packed and never quite long enough for everything you want to do.
    c. Even more exhausting than weekdays. You never get enough rest.

    9. You're reviewing Spanish vocab for a quiz when your mom asks you to fold laundry. You:
    a. Answer, "Hola, Madre! Como estas?" Nothing like a little real-life practice!
    b. Ask her if you can do it in an hour. You've got a study break scheduled then.
    c. Explain, in Spanish, why you are way too busy to help with household chores today. Maybe mañana.

    10. Which word best describes you at the moment?
    a. Energized.
    b. Overwhelmed.
    c. Exhausted.

    My prayers about the college search became frantic, anxious appeals to God.