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    Ready for the Real World

    Six Christian college graduates talk about how their education prepared them for the real world.

    Randy Bishop

    Kate Hancock

    Whitworth College
    Spokane, Washington
    1998 Grad

    Major: theater and communications

    Career: Kate acts, directs, and does whatever is needed for a community-based theater company in Au burn, Alabama, called Small Time Outreach Productions. The company promotes theater in the community, presents plays on teen issues for local schools, and organizes productions in churches throughout the Southeast.

    "Because Whitworth is a small liberal arts school, it allowed me to have more one-on-one time with my professors. Both of my main theater professors were instrumental in encouraging me to develop my talents, challenging me, and always trying to expand my horizons. It was those two professors who took me to the Christians in Theater Arts conference in 1998. The school was able to help provide financial aid for several of us to go, and that's where I auditioned for the job I have now."

    Eric Poland

    Anderson University
    Anderson, Indiana
    1995 Grad

    Major: mass communications

    Career: Eric works as feature producer/reporter with ESPN's "Scholastic Sports America." He gets to travel across the country to work with celebrities like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. He got valuable experience for his career by working as student manager for Covenant Productions, Anderson's video production house.

    "The head of Anderson's broadcasting department, Donald Boggs, always supported me. He challenged me, which I was really grateful for. He asked me to floor- direct one of the Gaither Family Homecoming video shoots. As a college junior, directing [the Gaither videos] was a little intimidating. But Professor Boggs' encouragement helped give me the confidence to step up and do what needed to be done."

    Greg Bish

    Houghton College
    Houghton, New York
    1995 Grad

    Major: Christian education

    Career: Greg serves as director of relief/overseas personnel for World Hope International, a humanitarian organization that focuses on relief and development ministries. He coordinates volunteer travel and shipments to the 22 countries where World Hope works.

    "Houghton gave me a lot of opportunities. I was involved in student activities and a number of campus events, like helping with orientation, working in the residence halls, playing intramurals, and serving on the campus activities board. These things prepared me to just dive right into projects and give them my best shot. Some would say I was overly active, but I think it benefits me now."

    Christopher Connelly

    Oral Roberts University
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    1994 Grad

    Major: political science

    Career: Chris works in Washington, D.C., as a communications policy analyst for the National Republican Congressional Committee. He formerly worked as a staffer for House of Representatives majority whip, Texas Republican Tom DeLay.

    "Hubert Morken is the professor who stands out the most. He was quite a visionary and inspired me to get into politics. And he was very passionate about what he believed. He was able to make students dig deeper than just studying for a test, actually getting us into the issues and helping us know where we stand. When I left his Comparative Government class, I found myself much more solidified in what I believe."

    Karrn Gustafson

    Bethel College
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    1996 Grad

    Major: biology

    Career: Karrn, a second lieutenant in the Air Force reserves, was Student of the Year in her department at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Science in Des Moines, Iowa, where she now attends. After medical school, she will serve full-time as an Air Force physician.

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