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    How We Made the College Choice: Trinity Christian College

    6 Trinity Christian College students share what they looked for in their college search.

    Don't know how you're going to choose a college? We talked to students at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois. Here's what they had to say about the big decision:

    Jimmel - sophomore

    "When I came to visit, I met with a business professor because I knew that's what I wanted to study. I talked to him about the different courses and how they were taught. Then I sat in on a class. That way I was able to see how the professor interacted with the students and how he related the material from the book to the real world."

    Laurie - senior

    "I think it's helpful to apply to several colleges be cause then you have a choice. Also, once you're accepted, I think it's a good idea to wait to see what kind of financial aid each school will offer. I had actually told Trinity I wasn't coming, and then I found out about a scholarship they were offering, and I ended up changing my mind."

    Christopher - sophomore

    "I prayed through out the decision- making process, and it was hard because God didn't just open up the sky and point to a particular college with a lightning bolt. I talked with the chaplain here at the college, and he explained that sometimes God doesn't give us a clear direction. He lets us choose.

    "Choosing a college is a huge leap of faith. But God can take any decision you make and use it for his good."

    Sara - junior

    "When I visited Trinity, I stayed the night. That was how I decided I really liked it. I was super nervous about doing that, but it was good because I got to scope out college life and see what people were like. Everyone was really friendly, which was important because I knew if people weren't friendly during my visit they probably wouldn't be when I came to school here."

    Chad - junior

    "Ever since I was in third grade, I knew I wanted to go away to college. I wanted to get out on my own. It seems like students who live at home and commute are missing out on a big part of the college experience. They can go home and get their laundry done. Students that live on campus have to do it themselves. It's just a different world, an exciting one. You really learn to grow up and live on your own."

    Shannon - senior

    "When I came for a visit, I really felt at home here. I think it's a bad idea to consider a college if you just can't picture yourself there."