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    18 Helpful Apps for College Students

    How technology can make college life easier—in ways great and small.

    Andie Roeder Moody

    steps to make the college choice University students through the ages have faced many of the same struggles: late nights in the library, high stress, demanding calendars. Yours is, of all generations, most blessed, as technology is lightening your load in ways large and small. As a recent college graduate, I understand your challenges. Even in the year since I graduated, I'm amazed by the innovative solutions that have arisen. For this list, we looked for apps with good ratings, cross-platform capability (admittedly, we're Mac people, but we're trying not to let our bias show), and little-to-no cost. We hope these apps (presented in no particular order) make your college life a little bit easier!

    For Studying

    StudyBlue1. StudyBlue
    Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, Web
    Price: Free
    iTunes Store Rating: 4/5 stars
    Say goodbye to your deck of flashcards. StudyBlue lets you tap into its deep library of study material or create your own. Store notes, syllabi, and more; collaborate with peers; sync with Evernote—all in a beautiful interface with several studying modes to choose from.

    Blackboard Mobile Learn2. Blackboard Mobile Learn
    Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, Web
    Price: Free
    iTunes Store Rating: 2/5 stars
    Chances are good that your college uses the Blackboard online learning platform as a supplement to its classrooms. This free app lets you do much of what you can do on online: view your grades, participate in discussions, download files, etc. And it integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive. Though the rating was a bit lower on this one, it's too helpful not to make the list.

    Quizlet3. Quizlet
    Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, Web
    Price: Free
    iTunes Store Rating: 4/5 stars
    Quizlet is the classic digital flashcard program. It has fewer bells and whistles than StudyBlue, but is widely used and focuses simply on quizzing students on their materials. As an undergraduate, I was impressed to find that their crowd-sourced library was indeed vast—when I searched for vocabulary sets from my biblical Greek textbook, every chapter was there.

    For Reading

    Chegg1. Chegg
    Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android
    Price: Free
    iTunes Store Rating: 4.5/5 stars
    Back sore from lugging around all those heavy textbooks? Wallet thin from the bookstore bill? Chegg offers rental textbooks at competitive rates—in print or digital form. Order and read from the Chegg app, or subscribe to Chegg Study ($14.99/month) for other academic resources.

    Amazon2. Amazon and Kindle
    Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, Windows and Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mac, Web
    Price: Free
    iTunes Store Rating: 3.5/5 stars
    Amazon Student a version of Prime for college students. Free for six months, and then half the regular price ($49.99 instead of $99.99), it offers free two-day shipping plus access to thousands of free movies, books, and music, all available through the web or Amazon's family of free apps. If you opt for e-textbooks (purchased through Amazon or checked from a library), take them with you on all your devices through Kindle.


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