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    Prepare for College

    College Search Basics

    Look for a college that will prepare you for life.
    During your campus visit, ask current students these questions.

    Test & Applications

    The best essays present a unique perspective without grammatical errors.
    We checked out more than 50 college applications. Here's what we discovered.

    Why Christian College?

    How a group of Christian teachers is impacting students beyond the walls of the classroom.
    Graduates of Christian colleges and universities are influencing our country and our world in ways both profound and immeasurable.

    Discovering God's will

    Will I really need classes that have nothing to do with my major?
    Biblical Wisdom for choosing a college

    Parent's Role

    Don't let your teen leave home without these basic life skills.
    My daughter is really sold on liberal arts colleges. But I keep hearing about liberal arts graduates who aren't able to find jobs in their fields.